Axis Atlas Credit Card Review and Benefits

The Axis Atlas Credit Card is tailored for frequent travelers and those who enjoy premium lifestyle experiences. This card offers many travel-related benefits, rewards, and privileges to enhance the cardholder’s overall experience. Here’s a detailed review of its annual charges, rewards program, and other standout features:

Annual Charges

  • Joining Fee: ₹5,000 plus applicable taxes.
  • Annual Fee: ₹5,000 plus applicable taxes, waived off if you spend ₹7,50,000 or more in the preceding year.

Rewards and Benefits

  1. Welcome Benefit:
    • Earn 2,500 Edge Miles upon payment of the joining fee and completing the first transaction within 37 days.
  2. Reward Points:
    • Earn 5 Edge Miles for every ₹100 spent on international transactions.
    • Earn 2 Edge Miles for every ₹100 spent on domestic transactions.
  3. Travel Benefits:
    • Up to 20% discounts on travel bookings through Axis Bank travel partners.
  4. Milestone Benefits:
    • Achieve an annual spending of ₹3,00,000 to get a bonus of 2500 Edge Miles.
    • Achieve an annual spending of ₹7,50,000 to get a bonus of 2500 Edge Miles.
    • Achieve an annual spending of ₹15,00,000 to get a bonus of 5000 Edge Miles.
  5. Foreign Exchange Markup:
    • Reduced foreign exchange markup fee of 1.5%, making it a great card for international travelers.
  6. Dining Privileges:
    • Up to 20% discount at partner restaurants through Axis Bank’s Dining Delights program.
  7. Fuel Surcharge Waiver:
    • 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions between ₹400 to ₹4,000 (maximum waiver of ₹400 per month).
  8. Insurance Coverage:
    • Complimentary travel insurance covers loss of baggage, passport, and ticket as well as flight and check-in baggage delay.
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Axis Atlas Reward Rate and Value of Reward Points

The Axis Atlas Credit Card’s reward rate is designed to maximize benefits for both domestic and international travelers. You earn 5 Edge Miles for every ₹100 spent on international transactions, 2 Edge Miles for every ₹100 spent on domestic transactions, and 1 Edge Mile for every ₹100 spent on insurance, utilities, education, and government services.

The value of these Edge Miles varies based on redemption options but typically converts to approximately ₹0.20 per mile. For instance, 10,000 Edge Miles can be redeemed for vouchers or merchandise worth about ₹2,000.

Cardholders can transfer Edge Miles to partner airline or hotel loyalty programs to maximize benefits, often at favorable conversion rates. Axis Bank has partnerships with several airlines and hotel chains, allowing you to convert Edge Miles into frequent flyer miles or hotel points.

axis credit card points transfer partner airlines and hotel loyalty programs

This can significantly enhance their value, especially when used for premium flights or luxury hotel stays, where the per-mile value can exceed ₹0.20. By strategically transferring and redeeming Edge Miles with these partners, you can optimize your travel rewards and enjoy a more luxurious travel experience at a lower cost.

Other Features

  • Contactless Payments: Equipped with contactless technology for quick and secure transactions.
  • EMI Conversion: Option to convert high-value transactions into manageable EMIs.
  • Zero Liability: Zero liability on lost card upon reporting, ensuring protection against fraudulent transactions.
  • Personal Concierge: 24×7 concierge services for assistance with travel bookings, reservations, and more.


  • High Reward Rate: Excellent rewards on both domestic and international spending.
  • Travel Perks: Extensive travel benefits including lounge access and travel insurance.
  • Low Forex Markup: Reduced foreign exchange markup fee is ideal for frequent international travelers.
  • Milestone Benefits: Attractive milestone rewards that significantly boost the overall reward potential.


  • High Annual Fee: The annual fee is a bit higher side, though the extensive benefits justify it and can be waived with high spending.
  • Limited Domestic Reward Rate: Although competitive, the reward rate on domestic spending is lower compared to international spending.

Should you get the Axis Atlas Credit Card?

The Axis Atlas Credit Card is a premium offering that provides exceptional value to frequent travelers and high spenders. Its generous reward points, extensive travel benefits, and premium lifestyle privileges make it an attractive option for those who travel often and spend significantly. Despite its high annual fee, the card’s benefits, particularly the milestone rewards and reduced foreign exchange markup fee, offer substantial value that can outweigh the cost. If your spending and travel patterns align with its features, the Axis Atlas Credit Card can be a good choice for enhancing your travel and lifestyle experiences.

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